During the scientific exploration, I came to many solutions, which describe my method of approaching techno music. This method includes but not limited to the harmonic rows determined from the mathematic function. The same process also determines the rhythm. It was an approach first to describe how this issue works for fulfillment of musical creativity, yet the idea was to pronounce an exact rhythm for a selected harmonic content. This idea is based on fundamental knowledge borrowed from the empirical term, which I gained through the knowledge of music itself. First learning the classical piano training in Moscow Music school #97 and then approaching sound fundamentals studying sound engineering at Humanities institute of TV and radio broadcasting named after M.A. Litovchin.

My knowledge now spans across sound synthesis, rhythm generation, mathematical application of statistics and the term itself, which I defined earlier as an empirical solution to the artistic revelation problem. The problem is first discussed during the long studying process in institute in my diploma work Sound engineering in techno music and evolves the rhythmic structure as a process of knowledge borrowed from traditional music such as rudiments of drum ensemble. I gain the perspective or an angle of view that came to my approach very enthusiastically and yet the philosophical approach seems to me more natural than the artistic one, because it discusses an ability to fulfill the knowledge within its own understanding. To try things simple you need first to discuss what you are going to perform in simple terms and then to approach it with the term. The term is algorithmic by many means yet it includes probabilities of sound fundamentals predefined within given boundaries. I approach algorithmic music for the sake of perspective of view in all spheres of knowledge yet it is my opinion only and I do not want to imply the understanding of it on you and do not suggest my point of view as a fundamental replication from the system of values given for one generation only.

The replication, as it could be known for any times is the process first to describe something as you wish and then to give a developmental point of view whether it could be an artistic or engineer subject or deal you dealing with. Subject is not a matter of choice of course it is predefined within the time limits of our generation and could be the same as 300 hundred years from now on in both directions so you can enjoy yourself looking into the future and not thinking about the possibility of human life but only wisdom in its own. I discuss the suggested principle many times during the algorithm development yet the solution of every problem is the only thing we should knew in our destiny and probably must aspire you to create something new without the boundaries given. The main problem arise out of look on principle of unknown as the solution to many empirical problems if we look on unknown and gain a perspective on it we would like to fulfill the only unknown term we are aimed at not the whole principle by itself. I apologize if my solution came too early yet it is here for you to develop and Compositor software was the same replication of every artist creative process, which I looked at and gained myself during the artistic career of Exalted and Boosty aliases. Those projects were aimed to develop a skill not to gain an empirical value of the process of creating music but to have the fundamentals of understanding and applying it to the cosmism of the life as a whole and to discuss then what came after the development process. Now I agree with every point of view on my career but later I do not even need to overcome your particular view, it is not my problem. I see it as a difference of current reality within boundaries of suggested principle and to reveal this we need to develop a pure vision, which is a term of many philosophical and religious phenomenas.

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